20230116 ETA: I have slightly reduced the price on her, but given the condition and miles, will not likely be dropping it much more before offering elsewhere. In other words, if you TBSS aficionados want/desire a clean, low-mileage, and well-maintained 2007 3SS, now is your chance to do so...

The new ride has arrived, so the 2007 3SS TBSS, which I have owned since 2009, with just under 39,000 miles (yep---under 39K original since new) is up for rehoming.

Obviously, a 2007 TBSS with fewer than 39,000 miles has never been a daily driver, so let’s get on to the good and the bad stuff:

First, the mostly age-related "bad" stuff:

1. Although the paint itself is still sharp and mostly shiny, she has spent a bit of her life outside, so she could use a good clay bar and re-waxing on most of her horizontal surfaces, whereas the vertical surfaces are muy bueno.

2. As is common with these rides, the sun roof actuator broke in the exact same way and same spot that almost all TBSS sunroofs do, which I have not yet repaired, nor do I intend to prior to offering for sale, the result of which is that there has been some moderate headliner staining. I have since sealed any areas of moisture ingress, so there is no further staining occurring. That said, the installation of this type of kit may remedy the sunroof issue, whereas your elbow grease with cleaning products may remedy any stain issues.

3. As is also usual with these trucks, the original rear air bags failed many years ago, so I replaced them with high-quality, lifetime-replacement bags, only to have the OEM ride-leveling actuator arms fail shortly thereafter---it is a constant battle. As a result, I simply removed the aforementioned recently installed bags, which are included with this purchase, and installed springs and haven't looked back since. Worth noting, too, is that the compressor itself was functioning perfectly fine at the time of spring installation.

4. There is some wheel crazing on all the wheels, as is to be expected with these trucks.

5. No surprise that after fifteen years or so, a couple of the TPMS sensors are trying to call home, but they are having some difficulty doing so. I will include a box of new TPMS sensors that are supposedly compatible, but no guarantee as to the same.

6. As is also common with many of these TBSS rides, the driver’s seat bushings are getting somewhat old, something to which I have adjusted, but if it is an issue with you, a cheap fix is available (do the Google search).

Now onto the good stuff:

1. Did I mention this truck has fewer than 39K original miles on her? No, really, fewer than 39,000 miles---let that sink in for a moment. She is basically a clean slate for anyone who wishes to drive her, preserve her, or modify her---take your pick.

2. This truck has virtually every option available on a 3SS TBBS, other than the rear-seat DVD displays, which no one really cared about then, nor cares about now.

3. The heat is hot and the air is cold, exactly as the Chevy engineers intended, which as any Chevy owner knows, has always been pretty darn good.

4. She includes an awesome, much better, and more comfortable Grant steering wheel (yet another Google-it moment).

5. She includes custom TBSS-embroidered, group-buy, floor mats (these things are sharp).

6. Operating temps are all well within range and oil PSI at 40+, so, yeah, this may very well be that rare-find, ultra-low-mileage, soon-to-be classic vehicle you have been looking for.

7. As of today, she now has both a new alternator and a new battery.

Did I mention she has under 39k original and verifiable miles?

Title is in-hand. Specific pictures sent upon request.

Come and get her an even lower stupid-low price of $21,399.