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Why are my numbers...

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I want to know why I dynoed so low. baseline with a flowmaster 40 series put down 284hp and 292tq . after a tune ,e-fan , intake, 160 thermostat .My best pull was 301hp and 314tq. Something is wrong. I feel that I could have gotten them numbers without a tune and just the boltons. It's as if they never tune it. crazy as that sound. your help would greatly be appreciated. cause I'm puzzled. matt said that the 07 have some learning issues. this maybe, not saying matt is wrong. but the low baseline is killing me and the so so jump in numbers , is crazy!

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Hell i did a tune way back when i bought ss and currently had headers, efans, ud pulley, cai, ls7 tb, etc and it didn't DYNO worth shit!!! It runs awesome, but im still trying to figure out whats up other than i might jus say fock it and go from there.

DYNOS are jus #'s and for me i want an SS that runs well and can whoop some ass around town.
Good call assbag!!!
why is it that it retards timing ??? is there something to do so it wont do that ?
The stock timing based on Intake Air Temp table pulls timing out when the IAT's go above a certain temp
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