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First let me say I am new to the TBSS so I fell like a idiot when it comes to just about every part of this thing other than Motor,trans,rear diff (I work at a trans and diff shop)
Most of my past rather fast cars where street and strip rides mostly chevy powered fox bodied mustangs.Wheel and tire combos for those where easy 275/60's on the rear and front runners on the other end.

I am having trouble making up my mind what to do with my 06 2wd TBSS
I like the fat and skinny look I have noticed on this site but most of the fronts look to skinny and to short for the truck or at least my taste.

If a guy wanted to run a 18x10 rear with at least a 28 inch tall tire say the 305/45/18 MT et street radial II is there a company that offers wheels for these trucks that would fit that tire and offer a 18x6 or 7 front wheel.
If so what front tire would be about that height that would fit the 7 inch wheel preferably a normal street tire?
Then what rear tire could a guy get that would be a normal street tire to drive back and forth to work and long trips that would be as tall or even close to the stock tire height for fuel economy.I thought if I bought 2 sets of rear wheels I could swap out to the stickies when I wanted but keep the same look all the time.
I know some are going to say 26 inch tall tire is all I need but I would rather stay with 28 for the drag radials and hopefully 29+for the street tires.
Also I almost forgot to add i would like the wheels in black.

If the options are not out there to do this I guess I am going to get the factory reps. in 20x8/20x10 with a 255/50 front and a 295/45 rear

Sorry for the long winded first post.
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