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Whats up

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Hey hey.. just checking in.. I wondered why the other site seemed so empty.. Maybe I coulda got my plug wires question answered here. Whatever, I bought the ls2 plug wires and I might make a fashionable belt out of the universal pos's. fuckin piss me off.
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Hell we could always put them up as torrents.. Not too many people use bittorrent tho. Some just find it a pain in the ass. And I am not using streetfire when I spent money on a HD camera. :D Should I post up a video of my cam? I'll host at 96KBps. aka 768kbps upload.. I have it encoded at 1920x1080 in x264 and 1280x720 in wmv. are...a geek :jester: j/k
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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