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Werid brake feel

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So I got this TBSS a few months back and I figured the feeling was bc of bad suspension plus a bad alignment so after I replace it all with beltech drop kit and a alignment the problem still occurs. When you go from a stop around 5mph you feel and hear a like grinding sound coming from the front drivers side caliper it sounds like the caliper is almost like engaging for a second and the grind feels like metal on metal brakes which I checked the pads there good enough lol. If you don’t have traction control all it cuts throttle response and you can’t move so I’ve been just driving around with traction control off it’s helps but you still feel and hear it at every stop and go scenario and now I’ve notice a very slight rubbing sound coming from the passenger front as if the caliper is dragging then it goes away after you go faster. I’ve noticed this happened before the grinding sound and it all happens at very low speeds. Note the caliper all look fair new with barely any surface rust in them, and pads are about medium wear. Could this be some sort of abs pump? And help would be greatly appreciate
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Howdy! Have you ever figured it out? I would try to jack the wheels and turn it by hand. Hope someone knowledgeable would chime.
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