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First things first, If any mods or members have an issue with me posting this up here please just let me know and I will remove or adjust in any way.

I have posted in the past about owning a jewelry business and was surprised how many members reached out with questions, comments, and even requests for jewelry. I thought it would be a good idea to keep you guys updated since I have done several projects for some of you on the forum.

Anyways, as most of you guys know I have been in the jewelry business for 10 years now (damn its gone by fast) and I opened my own business after leaving my families back in 2012. I started in a 515 sq. ft office working exclusively by referral with a strong emphasis on extremely well cut diamonds used mostly in designing custom engagement rings, anniversary gifts, and items for other special occasions. Well business has been exceptionally in demand for me and we needed to expand. Fast forward to July of 2014 and we started construction on a brand new, ultra-modern showroom tripling our size to 1500 sq ft. We officially opened it in November and still offer the same services but expanded to offer a larger selection of finished pieces of jewelry (i.e diamond studs, necklaces, different gemstone pieces, and a variety of national and worldwide Designers).

I still get several requests from this forum and several others for jewelry so I just wanted to drop you guys a thread to mention what we do over here. I have done quite a few pieces for members of this forum and wanted to let you guys know that if you ever need anything I would be happy to help in any way that I can. Dopr me an email ([email protected]) or give me a call (225-242-9942) and I would be happy to help you out in any way that I can even if you just need some advice about something you were already planning to purchase somewhere else, I stand to educate people about jewelry and always like to see people make the best purchase for their money regardless of if it comes from me or not.

I also wanted to let you guys know that we have been awarded by a national jewelry trade publication the title of "One of the Coolest Jewelry Stores in America" this year and they will be doing a full spread about our business and its concept in their nationally distributed magazine , a huge deal for me personally!

Follow us on Instagram at @CutFJ
Facebook “Cut Fine Jewelers
And lastly our website Home - Cut Fine Jewelers

Best fellas!


Here is some of our custom work!


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Well done Sir, the shop and product look spot on.
I'll definitely look you up next time im in the market for something shiny for the wife.

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Nice shop.

You still made one of the nicest wedding rings I've ever seen.

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