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Want to lower my TBSS,any input much appreciated

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Hello all, I have a 2008 TBSS,still on factory air ride,totally unmolested 100k miles,I would like to lower ,air ride stay or go?,I’m thinking I would like to lower the rear 2” and the front 1” . What is the best way to go about doing this? Anyone know of anyone in Dayton Ohio area that can do this? Anyone want to talk me out of it ?are there kits out there? Anybody do this and how did it ride?
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I did belltech drop struts up front and belltech struts out back. I tried to stick with air ride out back at first because mine worked fine. I kept having ride height sensors break, and the TBSS specific ones are spendy. So after having both fail I went to belltech springs and it was a great choice. I also did the supporting stuff, front upper control arms, panhard and rear control arms, rear sway bar, end links (there are no good rear end links yet)...

It made a big improvement and i definitely recommend it.
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