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This is a business run by MikeG as another opportunity to supply the members with quality parts. This time with the Leader in Synthetic Lubrication, AMSOIL. We also offer a full line of products from Mother's Polishes/Waxes/Cleaners, NGK Spark Plugs & Wire sets, BriteSide Appearance Product and Trico Wiper Blades.

Also available is WIX and Donaldson Filters along with the Altrum Line of products that include Water Filtration, Nutritional Supplements, AGGrand Lawn/Garden Care products and AquaBrite Water Filtration.

For Ordering information you can go to our website at

Or you can also download a free catalog here:

If you have any questions about any of our products, please contact us at [email protected]
or call
1-866-306-6398 (toll free)

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how much is 10w-30 per quart? along with a filter for an 06?
10W-30 is $7.25/qt
EaO32 Filter for 2006 TBSS is $15.30

Need a price on:
NGK Spark Plug: TR6IX #3689
NGK Spark Plug: TR55IX #7164
TR6iX are $12.25 each so $98.00
TR55iX are $11.20 each so $89.60

All of the above prices do not include tax and shipping. I realize you can get the plugs cheaper elsewhere, but I do not set the prices.

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Become a preferred customer $10 6mos or $20 a year and the oil is $5.80 a qrt and the plugs are $8.00 each. Well worth it been using AMSOIL for over 10 years now...
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