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TVS2300 and a couple of other things

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Been a long time, at least a few years but I'd figure why not and make a thread on the 07, which used to be my DD for about 4 years but hasn't been for the last 2, which is nice (bombing around in the 05 tahoe with an LQ9 and 65e from an esky). What isn't nice is what driving the TBSS a couple of times and I really do mean a couple of times in Virginia salt bomb land does to things, really amazing, not a big deal tho, really.

Ya so relocated from VA with no garage to AL with a 2 car garage, FINALLY

Basically I'm still kinda gettin the garage set up, but going from where the TBSS was and still is in terms of mods from NOV 2019 (last time I drove it further than around the block)

79k stock LS2
4L70E RPM Lvl 6, bought it second hand, about 85k on it now (has never missed a beat, a nice surprise)
Yank 3k stall
Volant CAI
various tunes of my work and others
Belltech shocks, not lowered
normal brake stuff
Kooks + catted Y pipe (need to get the uncatted one for an FI setup, evidently)
PCM Brake duct trans cooler
Aeroforce Gauge (great tool)

Going to-
TVS2300, stock pulley
PCM Tempest Cam (didn't want to go too crazy, but the dyno charts look good for a 218 cam imo), plus not going crazy on lift
Melling pump, all the normal stuff like pushrods and all that everyone does on these things
Bigger FI Connection Injectors
Bigger fuel pump
gauges from Speedhut (they have some that are really close to the TBSS cluster style)
FSR rad+efans
PCM trans cooler spal fan kit
PCM of NC 2 Bar SD Tune
PCM Catch can (I'm curious to see how much oil the manifold pukes)
Yella Terra Ultra LW 1.7s
LC32 crossmember
LS2 C6 TB (maybe, not sure yet, have two tho if anyone needs one. They both work fine, just remember to change the scalar in the tune etc)

As far as fluids, Amsoil 10-40 premium, Redline D6 in the trans, prolly won't change, been workin fine so far, (knock on wood)-

Things I'm still contemplating, and would look for input from the knowledge-laden folks here-
I'm concerned about the 6 rib not being sufficient seems like it only really holds for a stock ls2 plus maggie? I'm not sure exactly, probably a factor of how hard you beat on it and how well things are aligned etc etc. THoughts?

That also brings up the alternator, OEM as everyone prolly knows has a clutch- finding a shop that will upgrade the TBSS DR44(G ?) to say 185 and keep the clutch has been unfruitful, but I haven't spent an inordinate amount of time looking, just a few emails etc, nothing solid yet.

If an 8 rib is required, I assume you can just pin the other side of the crank (I believe the IW pulley setups use two dowel pins), that may sound dumb but I'm just makin sure-

Ya, its a stock short block but I read that 5-6 lbs is fine and 8lbs is knockin on deaths door, which is fair.

I'm also considering some trick flow 225 CNC heads, haven't purchased them yet, but I think if I go heads that will require an 8 rib setup. What do you think of this? Besides the 'get a forged short block'', I'm lookin at it, really on the fence, I'm not going to pulley up this hog tbh. But ya that's what people say, right lol
Some pics. Its a work in progress, I'm tryin to build the garage and take advantage of the cool weather, I need to POR 15 all this damn rust (isn't that bad tho), gotta get the headers recoated, install Atomic fab motor mounts, rebuild the entire front end (lower arms, upper arms, everything is gettin replaced).Gotta re-do the wheels, but I think I'm gonna have them professionally refinished to fix the little rash bites on em etc. Also need to buy some SS brake lines from clarksville fasteners. Need new spark plugs and wires still, also-

SO MUCH TO DO but this will be fun. Ya lemme know what you people think about this6/8rib, alternator, heads, etc,etc. Or anything in general, thanks

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I didn't see mention of an oil pickup tube mod / fix listed.

Perfect time to do that and an oil pump swap while it is on the stand.
I may have missed it but what throttle body, intercooler pump, sticky tire setup are you going with? Have you thought about an extra intercooler tank for added SC coolant capacity?

Decent cam, great flowing heads and exhaust will help keep the heat down. Slap on a Cross Coast Customs (newish owner since Scott passed - RIP) cowl hood on too

I like spending other people's money
Sounds like you have the headers sorted out. A Doug's guilloutine style E-cut out would be a nice addition if you want to scare the neighbor kids / at the track.

There might be some gains left on the table with the smaller TB. I know that alot of people (CTVS owners) have seen better performance with the 102mm+ tb on the positive displacement blowers like the TVS 1900/2300/2650.

I bought a used Nick Williams 102mm from a local for my twin turbo CTSV build, but after talking to several turbo tuners they recommended staying smallish TB with the turbos. Apparently pushing the air into the smaller diameter helps with turbos ather than pulling the air in on the roots / PD blowers. So I stayed with the port matched LS7 TB on the LS3 intake.

The LS9 and Varimax intercooler pumps are a solid cost concious upgrades. You can be a baller if you went with an expansion tank and a reprogrammed Steward EMP pump or a badass CWA400 pump. Just be careful with your electrical system with the high powered pumps as they ran my battery down EXTREMELY fast with just the key on and not running / on a charger.

Yes the 20x10 rears with 315s are NICE. MT Streets is what I ran on the street. I swapped out to 16" regular trailblazer rims with M&H 275 DRs at the track. They hooked amazing with 18psi.

Good luck on whatever you do with!

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Good stuff man. Keep it going!
I have heard good things about the interchillers on the CTSV platform. Here is a good thread that outlines alot of the pros /cons:

Interchiller vs heat exchanger? Supporting/downsides | Cadillac CTS-V Forum (
I love spending other people's money
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On my turbo Honda I have the gauges clocked so when everything is normal all needles are facing up, I'll look for a photo for reference.

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What does that windshield sticker say?

"No idling" something?
Prolly buy one of the glowshift e85 gauges w/ wideband, run both widebands, 1 for gas and 1 for e85
I just finished up the install of my wideband yesterday. Filled up on E85 and grabbed a few logs for the tuner today.

It only sat on the shelf for 2.5 years

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Aeroforce wideband kit with Bosch sensor. I have it wired up for hptuners when logging and display on the Aeroforce gauge when driving.

Black Betty is a forged twin turbo LS with a built 6L90..... cam, stall, heads, Nitrous Outlet kit, 17" Welds with 305 45 17 MT Rs drag radials blah blah blah blah blah.

Full weight luxury car money pit with all the Cadillac creature comforts.
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If you ever heard of "big red" you would understand Dave's obsession with power and beauty on his builds..
Thanks Civ - It has been a tire shredding journey!
Tuna is about to learn all about the tire mod.😁

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