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Transmission worked on freeway then stopped engaging out

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I was on the freeway driving going about 40-50 mph when all of a sudden I noticed that the RPMs we're climbing up to 7-8 and that I had lost all "connection" with my transmission because it would no longer engage. I checked the fluid and it was unusually high. I had just changed the filter a month ago so I know that I did not fill it that much. I think the fluid in side the torque converter mixed with the new fluid because this fluid was really dirty. I dropped the pan and noticed that when I did the filter fell right out. I filtered all the fluid,put a new filter gasket ring thing in there and bolted pan back on but still no luck before I go get another transmission is there any thing else I can check or to to get my pump going again???
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If the TC is coming with the used trans, it will be full enough. The amount you put in there is only to lube the bearings in the TC on initial start up of a fresh build or new TC install.. The pump in the trans will keep it full when running after that.

Be sure to blow out the cooler/lines.
The bearing in the tc are lubed when they are assembled. And what in the world does "stopped engaging out" mean?
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