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Just to make sure I understand you here. You are saying run a second PCMOFNC brake duct cooler system on the passenger side that will work collaboratively with the driver side cooler? Also, should I hold off on driving the truck until I am able to get an additional cooling system in place? I certainly wouldn't want to damage the trans in no way....I mean really....just 400-500 miles on the trans and all these upgrades and the damn truck is running a fever already...smh 😑
I was also considering doing this...

"Installed A Deeper Trans Pan That Holds Two More Qts. Now My Trans Temp On My 3 Hour Drive To And Three Hour Driver From C.T. Today The Temp Never Went Higher Than 135*. Now Because My Trans Cooler Is Running Cooler My Intercooler Was Running Cooler And I IAT's Were Very Close To Ambient Temp."
21 - 22 of 22 Posts