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Trans problems AGAIN!

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Ok so today I installed my new torque converter and pump, everything went good. Test drove it twice then checked the fluid all good go to leave and the truck won't shift into second when it finally does decide to shift into second it shifts hard as hell. Then I got the code po700. Can't run trans codes until Monday. Any ideas what would cause this? Also what solenoid is the one that goes directly into the side of the pump that's right under the tcc solenoid. It's the one that has the two bolts holding it in and has the copper wound around it the has a shaft with a o ring on the bottom part of it that goes into the side of the pump. I'm thinks it's deff some sort of electrical issue.
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Yea idk I guess I just gotta run codes. Also forgot to mention in the op that when I did drive it my speedo wasn't working on any speed under 40mph
Yup that'd be the one.
Is your pan dished? If it is, it could be starving the yrans of fluid. Pan could be intp the filter a bit. Just a thought.
I have the pan that came on my lvl six. Idk about that though since my speedo isn't reading any mph under 40 I think it's something electrical. Either sensor or solenoid. I think and am hoping.
Any body have an idea if the vss would cause these problems? Maybe that's why my speedo isn't working at all until hitting 40mph.
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