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TBM 2005-06 E40 TBSS 6L80/90 Swap FINALLY!!!

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Hey guys, sorry I have not been on here in YEARS. Migrated over to the FB side and almost completely forgot about the ol' forum. Thankfully, a few True Blue Motorsport customers have been helping answer questions about 6speed auto swaps in my absence.

Sooo...GOOD news...because of the journey we took to make our compact Omega6L45/50 transmission work in older BOP-C engine vehicles, we finally discovered a tentative solution for the elusive 2006 TBSS E40 ECM issue in matching up the 6L80/90 cost effectively. If you are familiar with the main aspects of the 6LXX transmissions, you recognize that the foremost issue is control of the transmission. We addressed this with the 07+ because we already had some references with regards to the E67-T43 combo. These trucks are the easiest to swap only needing our T42 Interface module and sometimes a T43 for the transmission. The key is to find OS's that actually like our TBSS's ECM. Obviously the E40, while CANbus, ran a 24x engine and also never came from the factory with a T43. That said, we believe we have found/modified an OS that will FINALLY allow the E40 to play nice-nice with an T43 with the same simplicity of simply needing our T42 Interface and a preprogrammed T43 (Approx $1600). We are having the combos validated with 2 third parties to confirm functionality as I don't have an E40 vehicle in-house at this time. We should get validation within a week.

And once that is confirmed, we will simply start processing orders just like 07+ vehicles for the same price of conversion! Which also means we will then be able to provide easy, cost effective 05-06 E40 LS2 GTO, Corvette, SSR, and regular V8 Envoy, TB, Rainier, Ascender, and 9-7X.
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What does a 6l80 swap for an 09 cost these days?
AWD? RWD? What's your power? Street/Strip/Towing?
AWD. Bolts ons, maybe a LSA or TVS2650 blower one day. Street and towing, basically a daily driver.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts