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Stuck in drive/wont start

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I have narrowed my issue down to either the ignition switch going bad or transmission linkage issue. I parked my truck last night, when I released my foot off the brake after putting it into park the truck jumped forward about five feet almost hitting my Camaro. I noticed on my dash that it was showing that I was in drive, I tired to shift back into drive or any other gear with no success. So I am stuck with the gear shifter all the way forward like it would be in park, showing Drive on my dash and the truck wont start. I wanted to see if anyone else in here has had similar issues or can concur with me about what the issue is, thanks in advance.
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Scary. Sounds like your linkage snapped.
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Check your shifter bushings, probably the one at the transmission.
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Almost certainly the shifter bushings at the transmission. $2 fix pretty easy to do.
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Post pictures of your linkage near the pan.
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I finally crawled underneath the truck, the linkage is off of the bushing... will be replacing tomorrow morning. Thanks for the help.
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Link to bushing? Mine did this last week and would prefer not to change the whole cable.
Sorry, they call it "shifter linkage bushing"
Shift lever bushing
Dorman 14057
Thanks, I found it right after posting. Oddly, Amazon was cheapest and fastest.

Sent the whole cable assy back to RA...
Had this happen to me. Twice now. First time, the OEM one had disintegrated, replaced it with the dorman one. The dorman one never felt quite right, but it worked for a couple months... Until it didn't. In my case, the center bar popped out, and then the clear bushing came out of the cable connector. The clear part stayed attached to the transmission pin.

I ended up buying the $20 bushing fix off amazpn (the white one with the red install tool) and it fits a LOT better. Every part of the bushing is dimensioned better, so IMO, don't even waste time with the Dorman part.
The best solution is what all of the SSR folks are using. Transmission Shifter Repair Kit – Simple Engineering, LLC
(I know it shows out of stock right now, but you might just send Mike a message and see when he will get more)

You could also just go to your local Ace Hardware and source your own parts.
All you need is an appropriate size screw, a spacer, two washers and a lock nut.
This works fine for TBSS as well. I have installed it on multiple vehicles.

Install instructions:

Unlike Dorman or OEM, this fix will last.
That's a nice fix. If my new bushing fails I will probably go this route.
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