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What size mm is the TBSS stock throttle body? I notice that a lot of guys are running LS2 and LS7 TB's and from what I can tell its not a flow issue but a throttle responsiveness gain. Is it 90mm like they are with better responsiveness?

What are the main differences in our motor vs. a GTO motor as far as intake, heads, etc. I know that our intake is different, but how? Do we have similiar heads/flow numbers? Do we have LS2 heads or one of the L76/92 heads? I'm just trying to see what can carry over from their setup to ours. I know that a FAST 90 intake isn't something you can just throw on ours and I'm wondering why. I do hear that a FAST truck specific intake is only 60-90 days out though.
Thanks in advance.

I read around a little and apparently the FAST they have now won't work because of fitment issues. We have longer runners for more torque, so that is our payoff.
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