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can anybody walk me through a how to on how to change the startup screen i would like to change it to an ss logo or even something with gm performace division. i have an pioneer avic-d3 head unit.

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1) Make a folder on your desktop called PICTURES and place all the images into that folder

2) OpenCD burning software of your choice and drag the PICTURES folder onto the correct area of the CD Burning program (it should be the root of the disk).

3)Take the new disk out to the car and insert it. Wait for the system to load and then hit the Menu button. You want to hit the "Navi Menu" button in the upper right hand corner if you are on an audio source.

4) From the Navi Menu screen hit "Settings"

5) Then hit "System Options"

6) Then hit "Background Picture Setting"

7) From this screen you will be able to pick new images from the CD that you have insreted. Just hit which screen you want to change first (Navigation screen then hit import from disc.) You will be given the option to stretch, center or repeat. Choose center if you want to use the full image, choose repeat if you want the image tiled across the screen.

8) Hit back and repeat process for remaining pictures.

Hope this helps.......
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