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120,000 miles
(all parts new OEM)
Battery 3rd one since new
Mass Air Flow Sensor (failed)
Water Pump (failed)
Thermostat (with water pump)
Radiator Hose (upper) (with water pump)
Radiator Hose (lower) (with water pump)
Fan Clutch (with water pump)
Serpentine Belt (main) (with water pump)
Serpentine Belt (a/c) (with water pump)
Belt Tensioner (main) (with water pump)
Belt Tensioner (a/c) (with water pump)
Belt Idler Pulley (main) (with water pump)
Radiator & Cap (failed after radiator hoses were replaced with water pump, plastic tank cracked)
Coolant Recovery Tank & Cap (with radiator replacement)
Cooling System Flush (with radiator replacement)
A/C Compressor (failed)
A/C Hoses (with a/c compressor replacement)
A/C Accumulator (with a/c compressor replacement)
A/C Orifice Tube (with a/c compressor replacement)
Tire rotate & balance (every 5000 miles)
Oil & Filter changed every 3000 miles with Mobil 1 5w-30 Since New
Transmission fluid and filter every 50,000 miles
Differential fluid (front & rear) every 50,000 miles
K&N Air Filter serviced at every oil change
Wheel Alignment every 7500 miles Since New
Tires have been replaced as needed.
The cost of these repairs has came to about $4000. That does not include the standard maintenance like oil, filters, batteries, tires, alignments and rotate and balance of tires and the like. I also think that a new starter is soon to come. I am not complaining. My SS looks like new inside and out. It also runs like new. I did most of these repairs myself. However the a/c repairs, alignments, and tire services had to be done by a repair shop.

The point of this post is just to remind everyone that there is a price to pay to keep your SS like new. They are rare vehicles and should be taken care of. Chevy made 1.6 million Trailblazers. However only 26,000 were the SS model. Enjoy them and take care of them.
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