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just for u, an evo and me

at the times of these vids-ADMtune,ADMintake,ADMefans,headers, 3600 stall, ud pulleys... now ive got a set of Heads and a different cam, no good track times with new setup
his times were in teh low 13s while mine were in teh 12s
hheheehehehe, They will be there when the weather is a bit better
Nice vids. I though that your wheels were black??

those are runs before i needed sticky tires, have yet to really hit the track at 100%
call him up, Andy is a really nice guy and he makes kick ass product.

I went 13.2 at 103 with just his boltons and a 26-28 stall WITHOUT headers AND WITHOUT SEATS

214 228 8782
fixed :cheers1:
o but i had just teh boltons and a 3600 stall, sorry for the long wait
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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