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got some enkei rs6 18x7s with yokahama prada spec 2 tires. tires are about 1100 miles old, rims are about 5600, but have some cosmetic damage. Im asking 500+s&h. paid about $1100 for the rims and another $400 for the tires new.

Also got some Infinity 1250w reference subs and a box for them. Subs are pretty much brand new, box is about 8months old but in great shape. I would do the 2 subs and box for $180+s&h

Also have a dual sealed box for 10'' kicker L7 subs. the box was in use for about 2 months and is a fantastically built box. would let it got for like $65+s&h... this thing is pretty damn heavy.

and i got this lowrider bike.... i might as well try anyone interested let me know.

If anyone is interested in any of this stuff let me know and i will gladly take more pics and get them up.:cheers1:
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