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2009 Silver 3SS AWD
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First, the Dual/Dual tips look great!!!! I wish I would have gone that route but I kept SLP's 4" tips and valence instead...

I like the fact that the TBM valence clips in versus relying on 3m tape like the SLP valence. I modified the OEM center insert around the trailer hitch to make the SLP valence fit properly as the valence protruded a little far out in a couple areas preventing the 3m tape from adhering properly in those areas. I would have modified the SLP valence before paint if I had noticed prior. Unfortunately it wasn't until after paint and during installation with the tape that I noticed it.

To comment about the support bar. I did not need spacers nor longer bolts on mine to reinstall my bar as I was able to push up on the muffler and reinstall it. The muffler does rest on the bar but there is no vibration/noise that is created from this.

I did need to purchase new SS exhaust clamps as the uni-bolt clamps that came with the kit, I was unable to expand enough to slip over the piping for installation. The clamps I pruchased were reasonable priced from Summit Racing and were shipped/delivered very quickly.

To get my alignment right, the right exhaust pipe runs very close to the right rear air spring. It was too close for comfort for me so I purchased DEI's 6" x 1' titanium pipe/exhaust shield (DEI p/n 010450) for a little added protection.

@sahls01gmc SLP still sells their exhaust - 2006-2009 Trailblazer SS PowerFlo Exhaust System - Dual Outlet - I purchased mine earlier this year (2022) from Summit Racing as they price matched an internet add I had found at the time. It took 3 months before receiving it even though SLP references 8 weeks on their website. Maybe it took longer since I didn't order directly from SLP but I was able to save $200 at the time due to Summit Racing's price match so the wait was worth it IMO.
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