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I recently added (11/22) the SLP cat-back system with dual staggered 3.5 inch tips. Here are a few things to know:
  1. It’s louder than stock, but not so loud that my wife realizes it’s louder- winning!
  2. True Blue dual tip rear valance works best with 8.5 in or less tip width. I tried the 4 inch dual tips (@ 8.34 inches) and I felt that it looked too snug. The 3.5 inch staggered looks right.
  3. Trailer harness extension- while the rear valance was off I installed the ext for the harness. To save you time, the harness wiring unplugs from the back off the standard harness. I couldn’t figure out how the extended harness and the standard plug connected. Here’s the part # for extension. GM 10365399
  4. There is a support bar that runs across the center of the truck from right to left. The SLP muffler will not allow it to be reinstalled. I added a 1.5 in spacer and longer bolt on both sides and it works great with about 1/4 inch clearance.
  5. The True Blue rear valance comes with clips. Again to save you time the go over the tabs on the valance to lock it into place. They don’t go through the factory spaces like the OEM clips. Make sure to put the two gray vents back on first before to put on the rear balance on truck. View attachment 104769
    View attachment 104768
    View attachment 104766
    View attachment 104767
    View attachment 104765
    View attachment 104764
Looking good 👍 I am in Charlotte, NC. where are you located?
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