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Hey guys,

I have had a vibration from somewhere from the driver seat back and have yet to pinpoint it. The truck has only 23,000 miles but I recently put a corsa cat-back and ptb3600 on. I have since removed and sold the corsa system and have nothing attached to the y-pipe. I am waiting for my TBMsport dual exhaust from Jesse but haven't heard back on it yet. In the meantime I would like to further diagnose the issue. Would it be okay to drive the vehicle without any exhaust system behind the y-pipe? Also does anyone have any ideas on what to check? I will look at the cats and heat shields. Otherwise it may be a loose converter bolt. Any help is apprecited. Thanks guys.

P.S. The vibration seems to occur when the converter is unlocked in 2,3 and maybe 4 at around 2000-4000rpm at 35-55 mph.
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