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Well I just couldn't keep $400 sitting on my dresser, so I had to go and spend it on a much needed subwoofer to complete my stereo system.

I did not want a huge box nor spend alot of money on a custom made box like subthump. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have a custom box but it would also mean the cost for the box + shipping, Subwoofer, and Amp. My estimates came out to $600-800.

I love good quality sound...don't we all. :biggrin2:

A couple of restrictions I had in my research:

  • Does not take up the trunk space so we can carry groceries
  • Must fit under the rear hatch cover
  • Must be under $400
  • Quality sound - hit with a punch
  • NOT boomy like bazooka
  • Easily removeable

After some research I purchased a Rockford Fosgate R300-10.

300 watt Class-D amplifier
10" PRIME woofer
Remote bass level control included
Adjustable 12db/Octave low pass crossover
Built-in 0°/180° phase switch
Built-in adjustable bass boost EQ

I listen to a mix-bag of 70/80's rock, house, top40, techno & k-pop (my daughters). I run a 400 watt amp to Rockford components speakers up front and 2 Rockford coaxials in the rear. The head unit is an Alpine W505. The components up front had too much low bass going to them after a year and a half of use. Driver door would vibrate and it irritated me.

During my research I was leaning towards an Infinity Basslink II. It had basically the same specs as the Rockford R300-10. I found not-so-hot reviews of the original and II model. I even read a review where the Basslink failed.

So, I purchased the R300-10 from a local stereo shop and -lazy as I am- had them install it. I paid out the door $365.00. The install only took 1 hour. The installer heeded my specific instructions NOT to drill anything except for the ground wire. They tuned the system and placed the remote bass level control in the glove box as I had asked. I don't need it since my Alpine W505 has subwoofer level control right below the treble & bass settings.

Subwoofer level was original set for 10 but goes up to 15 levels, too much bass for my liking so I currently running it at 6. This subwoofer hits hard for a 10" in an enclosed box. I've had 2-3 different boxes and brands in the 30+ years driving. I've always like hard hitting bass. I did experiment and ran the subwoofer at level 10 and sound volume at 18, shook the my teeth and the rear view mirror.

For those of you who are older like me but want quality and hard hitting bass while maintaining the space and usefulness of the trunk, this box will fit your budget.

Here are the money shots:

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