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So... Everyone calls it the unicorn and I think I roped one. Found a rack and pinion on eBay which they had the part number as 19330461. When it arrived, the stamping were 26068414 18. I climbed under my truck with my phone and recorded a video to find 26068414 22. I had a problem way back when the truck was still under warranty and had the dealer work the rack. I think they only did a rebuild or seals... don't recall. From what I gather, I think I found the right part.

I was going to send both out for a rebuild and have an spare. The truck has been sitting since our adult time out (COVID) because Cardone's shop was closed down but I did speak with a sales rep.. The process then was to bring it to the local parts shop and they would ship it, Cardone would rebuild and I would pay the parts store when it arrived.

Called the parts store today and Cardone said "We would need to ship it, they would check the parts number and if they couldn't rebuild it, I would be out of the freight charges". That's bad business if they couldn't just check before the hop jumping began.

Needless to say, I don't really care to give them my business. Does anyone have a reputable shop that could work these? Would prefer Houston area but would ship them together if there isn't any shops recommended there which could get the parts to do it.

***Also.... since I have more than half the crappy side of the process done when pulling the rack, I'm going to swap my oil pan out for the C6 rear sump. I will be getting Joe's LC32 engine cross member and A/C bracket. I want to knock that out and figured it moderately cheap insurance.

I also have a core 4L80 sitting around that I will bring to Phoenix Transmissions in the Dallas area. Spoke with Joe years back and he recommended them as they could build a strong transmission and a converter. I would get Joe's cross member for that swap and the computer harness.

That should open the door for a nice LS3 head and cam combo.

I missed this truck after not driving it for a year.... Had to sub in the Alfa Romeo Giulia for a too long, not the seat of the pants experience but carves the corners. Main point of this rant is underlined. Thanks for the help in advance.
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