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Is it ok to run the power for amps off of the panel under the rear seat? Just curious as it would save a bunch of wire, money, and TIME!!! I'm new to the tbss, thanks!
The short answer, no.

No, you run the risk of cooking other things. Run it from the battery. It's about 10 extra minutes tops.
:iamwithstupid: the power wire to the rear fuse block is designed to be just big enough to feed the rear fuse block much less with anything of high power consumption added on. OP, do a run from the battery as stated above.

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I've got 600 watts in my work truck...............Direct battery power source. I didn't do the install, It was done at a professional alarm/stereo shop.

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I wired my hot and negative 0 gauge to the back for HIGH RMS power amp for the 12"
But I also ran a 4 gauge off the backseat hot with a fuse for a small 400 watt 4 channel amp for the door speakers.

There is absolutely no reason you cannot run from that post. .
Butttt . Posts above have great point . I didnt want to run a 700 rms watt 2700 max watt amp from there . So I got the yellow sealed battery . I have the block that connects to my batterys two post for multiple hookups I. It turns a two post to a six post .believe 3 studs for hot. 3 studs for neg .

Also have a ground straight to my engine block ran off of there. (For the big amp )

Surprisingly no capacitor or nothing those yellow top sealed batteries are amazing .
By lights never dim. And the trailblazer alternators are pretty healthy . Been 3 years with this setup. Two amps . All speakers high powered.

Never had issue with my 4 channel amp running off the hot under the seat. Just forngods sake FUSE IT! I've seen people try every wire harness in the vehicle. Just melt the plastic right off .
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