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Power Seat Wiring help

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So hey I’m at the point of splicing wire to wire here because the seat harnesses had been cut out of my TBSS roller. On the drivers side there are like 4 smaller (18 gauge) wires that are all black-white. How do I know which one is which?

I have the wiring pin out diagram but that doesn’t help me when I’m splicing raw wire to raw wire, splicing in the pig tail that was cut off from the body. There’s also a few light blue wires that look identical as well…
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Can you post some pics of what you're dealing with?
Some of those are passenger side which I already started splicing, as you can see. But I got halfway into it and was starting to think I was screwed. There’s multiple light blues and black-whites on each side of the harness that look identical. I tried to splice based on position next to other colors, but with one end just feeding back into the main harness that runs under the rear seats, I have no point of reference on that side.
What all connectors are you trying to splice back together? Based on the pics, it looks like its the Body Harness to Driver Seat Harness, and the Body Harness to Passenger Seat Harness. Are there any other connectors you are trying to splice?

In the last pic, the two outside wires appear to be Brown/White and the two middle wires appear to be Black/White.
You are correct, body harness to drivers seat and body harness to passengers seat. That’s it. I see that now on the last pic. Thanks for that. It’s the light blue ones that are really throwing me. Like in the 4th picture. I can’t differentiate between those pairs. Is it a huge deal if these are switched up? I can imagine it would cause the seat movement to not behave properly.
Also, are you splicing the connector on the Body Harness side or the Seat side? I'm guessing it's probably the Body Harness side but I just want to make sure.

If you have access to a multimeter, I can walk you through everything to confirm the wires.
Body harness side for both. I can get my hands on a multi meter. I’ll need to hook up my front fuse box and battery I’m assuming. I have no ECM at this point.
We should be able to do it without power
Today I finished splicing the remaining wires on the drivers side. I hooked up the fuse box and a battery. Everything is good! Both power seats function as they should, all directions. I didn’t try the lumbar and I don’t think the heated seats will function without the truck actually being running. My son was thrilled that the horn and sunroof are in working order too! Thanks for the help, either way. Will definitely come back to the site as the build progresses. Need engine and trans next! Cheers.
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