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Power seat plug wiring

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Does anyone have the two plugs for the power seats pinned out to know what is what?

Pass side

Driver side:

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I'll get it for you at work tomorrow. The yellow connector is your seat belt pre tensioner (part if the airbag system) leave that one alone. Also don't plug and or unplug that connector with while that battery is connected, just FYI.
Will do. I'm not going to mess with the wiring then until I hear back from you.
Good to know!
Thanks for your help.

I'm not looking to wire into heater or memory. I am installing these in to an old truck.
Was hoping to wire ground and ignition power to seat on a 30 amp relay and have all the controls. I want to remove the air bag wiring and (I think air bag) module under the seat.
I'm just a little lost on all the plug wires.
Maybe just the big orange and black wires will do it?
If anyone can chime in, any direction would be greatly appreciated.
Unfortunately I did not make it to my second job yesterday to get the schematics.

That said you can not simply run power and ground to the memory seat module and get proper function.

If you don't have a memory seat module then you should be able to run switched power and content ground to the orange and back wires and get proper seat function.

The only module I see in your photos is the passenger presence module in the passenger seat. Which you will not be using at all.
I wasn't sure what that module was under the seat. I will get it out of there...
I assume you mean the big orange wire and the big black wire(to wire up the power seat controls). There are a lot of smaller black wires. I would love to be able to eliminate all of them and have an easy setup. I'll also remove the small clip connector for the seat belt pre tensioner.

The schematics would be great if you are able to get them.
Thanks for your help Tim!
I will get them this Saturday or Monday when I got to work.

Yes the large orange and black wires are the ones we are taking about here.

All the motors use the same ground circuit so if you run power and ground to those two and all the motors work you can remove all the wiring that does not go from the switch to the motors.
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Passenger Seat Schematics


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Daaaaaaaam. Brandon is the man. Nice job on the schematics.

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I wired up the orange and black and boom it worked.
What is the switch on the side panel the is clicked on or off?
The rear controls the at control the up/down, forward/backward, lean forward/back all work. Sorry the picture is upside down(my phone...)
The switch on the right.

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lumbar support
Glad it worked, also great work Branndon!

As long as you have it wired to a relay and on a fused circuit should be good to go.
So hey I’m at the point of splicing wire to wire here because the seat harnesses had been cut out of my TBSS roller. On the drivers side there are like 4 smaller (18 gauge) wires that are all black-white. How do I know which one is which?
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