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PCV Valve

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Is the PCV valve located on the drivers side head at the rear? How do you remove it if needs replacement/testing?
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nothing to replace/test on our trucks.

there is a metered orafice in the drivers side cover, that consists of the pcv system.

not like the old stuff that had a check valve style set up.

Is it anything that should be replaced during regular maintenance, just like a PCV valve?
nothing to replace, remove, repair, or check during any services...

as long as the hose is connected... its doing its job.

Yeah, thanks Greg! I was sitting there staring at it during my last oil change trying to tug on it to see if it would come out. I was about to grab the pliers and thought I better ask first. ;)
yeah, its pressed into the cover, and set with an epoxy of some sort.

Mine seems stuck any suggestions
Holy necro thread bump

Leave it alone
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