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PCMofNC Oil Pickup Relocation or Kevin Hanson Oil Pan Baffle

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I have been debating on which one to go with for a while now and need to make a decision as I am finally getting around to some modifications (and repairs) on my TBSS and hopefully will get either the relocation kit or pan baffle done in the next month. There is a significant cost difference between the two but if the relocation kit is all-around better, I am ok with spending the extra money. I've seen a couple videos and various comments but I am still wanting more input before making a decision, any help would be appreciated.
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how's it going i would also be interested in a baffle kit as well I just purchased a 2007 2wd
how's it going i would also be interested in a baffle kit as well I just purchased a 2007 2wd
@dfwwiz is the man to get to, for it. Kevin will take care of you
Been selling my baffle which stops the oil from sloshing to the rear for 11 years. And over 2140 sold todate, another 3 in tge last couple days. Its still just $25 like its always been and shipped via priority mail. Even Terry Wilson aka Coverman66 has done a video on the install as well as Brandon Barlow aka Revhard garage. Both the pcm and my baffle work, just in different ways-adapting to the slosh or stopping the slosh.
Interested in the baffle can you please let me know how to purchase
I hardly get on this site anymore with all the facebook TBSS groups is about all that I can handle. Plus the fact that the admins on here now want me to pay them a vendor fee to sell anything. 🤪 Everyone has gotten greedy and wants a piece of everyone else's business. Hit me up by email [email protected] or by text 817-905-0892
You are right, the differences between baffle and relocation tube is how the oil starvation is prevented from happening.
The baffle stops the oil from freely sloshing to the rear and is a simple add into the pan with 2 holes drilled in the splash tray and popping the ricets to hold. Takes about 10-15 min to install after the pan has been removed. $30 shipped from me or $60 from RPM in CO
The relocation tube and splash tray kit adapts to the oil slosh to the rear and requires you to remove stock slpash tray, install 2 trays back in and install a 5" longer pick up tube behind the axle tube. Its about 90 min to install after removing the pan. $325+ shipped
For rwd the C6 pan is the best option but requires alot more money, more work, more parts and more time required to install it.
All great info and thank you clarifying each method - Glad I came across this forum! I'd also like to purchase a baffle. Seems like the most cost effective solution.
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