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Hey Brandon, great write up im currently doing this mod to my 05 LT. I could use some troubleshooting help and also your opinion on a future project regarding demon eye addition to the drl setup.

Got these sweet projectors with the led u bar that i wanna do this setup on but the second version mentioned on the second page of threads where all stock lighting is removed from the drl circuit and only the LED U-bar is drl + a bowtie i will add at a later date. So ive done wiring as per the original but didnt add the parking light relay section.

  1. symptoms
    1. Low beams work when ignition has been cycled on and then fully off again with switch
    2. Low beams do not work when ignition is in any postion but off after being cycled on without door being opened ( switch or auto)
    3. No Low beams when ignition wire is tapped to fuse at rear block
    4. no perimeter low beams on remote click
    5. No Quad or auto fog (assumed because low beams are not working)
    6. Click heard from new harness when circuit is engaged and disengaged
    7. LED U-bar Works as intended
  2. Possible reason i am contemplating as culprit
    1. Reversed polarity on diode by accident
    2. incorrect capacitor
      1. this one is the one i purchased, was having difficulty finding the one you linked this is rated the same but not radial im not sure if that has impact on function
      2. 4 pcs Elna SILMILC II Capacitors - 35V 10uf: Industrial & Scientific
    3. Wonky Ground?
    4. faulty connection?
when harness is removed all lighting works as OEM intended, i.e. Fuses relays all good, also swapped a brand new blower relay for 2nd hdm to ensure proper function. i have triple checked all wiring as i understand it and where it should all be routed and i beleive all is as you have described it should be.

Any insight you may have would be greatly appreciated, i just started this account to message you so im not sure how the messaging on this site works but it seems from previous comments not the greatest so my email is [email protected].

ps forgive the terrible brown halogens coming from the projectors the leds i ordered didnt fit in the housing

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