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Pacesetters in!

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Well yesterday I was feeling pretty good and decided to start the header install.
But I didn't take anything off. All I took off was the wheel and wheel well liner off of the passenger side. Both headers went in threw the bottom. The passenger side got to a point where it would not go anymore, so grabbed my rubber mallet and persuaded it to go in. Took me about 3.5 hours to do it.
I guess because i went with 1 3/4" headers im sure with the 1 7/8" headers i would of had to lift the engine.
I still have to do the Y pipe though.

Can't even see the header from the top

The other side was very easy.
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Looks good congrats.
thats good to know! 3/4's are na right? 7/8's if f/i or nitrous?
Unless you are making ungodly power n/a.
Wanted to be sure. Hopefully the stang sells and a big parts order gets placed!
Thats good to know they fit without removing any motor mounts or anything.

What y-pipe are going with?
I did have to cut the Y pipe into 3 parts but because im not going to need it anymore it makes it so much easier to get it out.

Im using the 3" pacesetter ORY pipe that is matched to the headers and TBSS.
$150 shipped from Amazon
very nice! Are they coated or anything? ive been looking at OBX and pacesetter because there is no way im paying 1400 for a set of headers! That's Crazy! Let us know how they hold up down there!
Yea they have an armor coat on them. Im guessing that's pacetters ceramic coat.

I looked at OBX also and decided to go wit pacesetter because you can get a 3" Y pipe and OBX has a 2.5" y pipe. Its not a big difference but my personal preference was to have a 3".

I went ahead and got some TR-6, MSD and wire boots.

THe sound is awesome but I think it is just to loud i will be adding something to quiet it down a bit.
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Well big mistake on going with the Flowmaster.

I just put it on yesterday and I'm on my way here in a little bit to put the Magnaflow back on.
Might just add something to quiet it down a bit
I have a flowmaster super 40 and it's dumped just before the axle. I love the sound and tone, but the drone is ridiculous. And I still have stock exhaust manifolds
Yeah you have to get the 3 chambered Flowmaster if you want it a little less louder.
Looks awesome. Cost for everything??? if you don't mind.
im glad your y-pipe fit, went to put mine in and the smaller part that connects to the driver side was made backwards, they enlarged the y-pipe end to slip over the header. after waiting 4 weeks for the company to make them and ship them to me, i cant use it. got the headers in and a unusable truck for work come monday. im going to need new spark plug wires too, my stock ones are resting on the headers! what ones did you end up with ? i see they are msd's
They are MSD 8.5 mm with black heat socks.
I spent $535 for both headers and y pipe.
Spent an extra $20 for the band clamps. Highly recommend them.

I used the stock header gaskets. Truck had 87k miles but the gaskets still looked good. 3k miles and no issues.

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I SOOOO want to get headers butI SOOOO don't have the funds for it right now.
Does pacesetter offer a 1 7/8 option? I have a 1900 on my truck but dont want to spend the kooks money...
Pacesetter does not. Even if they did, buy the kooks. I have kooks on my 10 SS and went with pacesetter for my tbss. Big mistake. Wish I had gone with kooks again. But I was saving money. Do yourself a favor and spend the money.
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