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Onstar question

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will the Onstar app that is available be able to crank our SS's?
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Call OnStar and ask. It's the little button below your rear view mirror.

2010 and up. Must have remote start already. I did some legwork and became pissed
The app doesn't do anything for us SS owners
thanks guys! damn I was hoping it would.
The app doesn't do anything for us SS owners
If you are interested in that you should look into SmartStart by viper I have it and love it
Features include

Remote start lock unlock functions via cell phone
You can geotag where u parked your truck
If the alarm is trigger ur phone will alert u
Plus much more

I had the viper 5601 remote start and alarm and the smart start module installed last year around Christmas for 600 and a 3 year subscription to the smart start service was 99
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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