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??? on programmers

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I am pretty new to all this but want some mods on my SS. I was looking at this site and saw a Hypertech programmer and the other was Autotap Flashe scan. Any input on these are they ok, are they ez to deal with???

My SS is stock with no mods, I want to start with a programmer, CAI, and headers and exhaust.
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If it's a 2007, your limited to HP Tuners or the more expensive EFI Live with new updates to work for 2007.
Ahh cool; so far you are one of the few without this issue. Or is this fixed? Anyone who has this issue, chime in.
Well, One thing is for sure, I'll let you know how it goes with mine. :)

I just received my tracking number, said the HPT will be here around the 28th.
Surprisingly, although my HP T is supposed to be delivered tomorrow, I got a message from Superchips asking if I would be available next week for testing their 2007 product.

I think I'll work with them since they are going to do dyno testing, will give me a good baseline to work with HP Tuners with to get it dialed in.

Plus, I might get a superchips programmer out of the deal, would be cool anyway.
Done...I now have the SuperChips tuner for my 2007 TBSS. (I have the first beta).

It works, and I compared the tune to the stock, there were less changes than I expected. Gives me a good sense of direction on what way to go.
I am able to make tire size changes, tune mode changes (performance/tow/stock/stock with options).

Some of the options:
1-2 shift speed and 1st gear trans pressure changes (0-5MPH up or down and 0-24 PSI up or down), the same for 2-3 and the same for 3-4.

You can also set the max speed limit on or off, as well as set the Rev Limiter up or down a few hundred RPMs.

My SuperChips base performance tune run from 0-60 was 5.9 seconds. I tested it with the stock tune before and it was like 6.8 seconds, so that's a big difference for me (it's AWD, so the times may seem a little slow to those with 2WD's)
Ahh cool; so far you are one of the few without this issue. Or is this fixed? Anyone who has this issue, chime in.
Blades, this is my write calibration story so far:

I did a few tunes today, did a write entire first time, no problems. Then I did some driving and changed a few things and did a write gave me a communications failed error after the erase and before starting the write. I did a write entire right after that with no problems.

Does that sound something like your experiences?
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