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??? on programmers

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I am pretty new to all this but want some mods on my SS. I was looking at this site and saw a Hypertech programmer and the other was Autotap Flashe scan. Any input on these are they ok, are they ez to deal with???

My SS is stock with no mods, I want to start with a programmer, CAI, and headers and exhaust.
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Blades, this is my write calibration story so far:

I did a few tunes today, did a write entire first time, no problems. Then I did some driving and changed a few things and did a write gave me a communications failed error after the erase and before starting the write. I did a write entire right after that with no problems.

Does that sound something like your experiences?
I was not doing write entire back in November with my version. Have not wrote anything for a while as I am running a canned tune right now.
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