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Projects are taking a different direction, so I need to make room so the following in for sale. Best offer for those who show up to pick it up or local enough to deliver.

-2006 LS2 TBSS block and engine core parts. Partially disassembled. Motor suffered catastrophic death. One shattered cylinder lining/sleeve, two shattered pistons, bent rods, one gouged head, ripped oil pan windage tray, and scratches on crank/cam journals. Perfect cheap core for sleeve stroker motor or mock up block. Includes both loaded heads, exhaust manifolds, flexplate, motor mounts, sensor, valley cover, cam, harmonic balancer, timing cover, and A/C compressor. NO valve covers and coil packs are included. BEST OFFER FOR PICK UP or local delivery!

-2006 TBSS black leather front and back seats. All leather, no suede inserts. $500 b/o PICKUP or local delivery.

-2006 TBSS silver from bumper with chrome, mesh grill inserts, fog lights, and brackets. One side clip attachment damaged (see pics) Best offer


1 - 5 of 5 Posts