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I have a brand new 10lb Nitrous Outlet bottle(black), bottle blow off tube, -6 line for second bottle from bottle to "Y" fitting & enough -6 line line for after the "Y" fitting to go from the rear of our SS's to the drivers side front corner. I also have an NSX "Y" fitting if you already have a set-up and want dual bottles like I was going to do. I also have the 860 bottle heater/bracket from Nitrous Outlet to go with it. Again, all are new, never used. $600.00 takes it all or best offer? But be reasonable, not going to give it away!! Check Nitrous Outlets web site to see if this isn't a GREAT DEAL!!:cheers1:
If you'd like pics of these items as they appear in the SS's, let me know and I can send ya pics. Having issues posting the pics up here

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I have been looking for a bottle just itself GLWS which it was a pretty blue NOS bottle
Keep bumping, quasi year old threads.... you almost have enough posts to sell something. Tard.
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