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Selling my Nintendo Wii for the simple fact that I never play it anymore, and I need the extra $$$$. comes with lots o extras.
list includes.....

Nintendo Wii System with Wii sports game (4 brand new replaced arm straps for remote after the recall)
HDTV cables
mod chip uninstalled (allows you to play burned games both wii and gamecube and dvds)
4 wii remotes
4 nun chuk remotes (2 still in package)
2 classic remotes
4 games (Madden 07, Rapala fishing, Need for speed carbon, Zelda Twilight Princess)
Also a few classic games that i downloaded on to the system from the wii marketplace.

all of this new would cost over 700$
I'm asking 500$ shipped anywhere in the U.S. thank you
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