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In followup to Tony's recent post about upcoming rules changes they are now in place.

You can read the new rules here

In reality there is not a lot of change except we are enabling the "infraction system" to help enforce the rules.

As always we do not want hateful arguments or posting as this is NOT what this forum was created for. The rules have ALWAYS stated this and because of recent events we have now made the change. The only difference is we now have a method to let you know when your post have violated these rules and if you repeat these violations (see details) you will be banned starting with a 7 day vacation from the site. :bum:

Please read the rules again so you understand this. The details of the infraction system have been added as well.

Couple other things:

Also most of you know we have rules about signatures. This includes the size and content. You will now receive an infraction if your signature is not the correct size or appropriate for the forum.

There is a one week grace period to allow everyone to get their signature cleaned up. Remember is about size and content. The reason we limit size is because people had HUGE pictures and it caused problems with page load time and also we had to scroll through more signature stuff than actual post.

Another thing we are going to crack down on in internal spamming. If your business is not related to the TBSS we dont want you trying to pedal your goods to other members unless they request info from you.

This means if your business is NOT TBSS related then dont PM members directly about it and do NOT post info about it in your signature. This is a TBSS site.

Rock on !

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