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New member, 2nd TBSS

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Howdy y’all! I have a 2007 Trail blazer SS White, her name is Betty White SS because she is a proper lady, sassy, funny, spicy, and one of a kind.

Slight mods some by previous owner. She is really clean for her age and runs solid (as most LS motors do)

This is my second one. My first love was a 2008 RWD 2SS black that I regretfully sold to my brother although he loved her as much as I did he ended up selling her.
I recently downsized in my high payment hellcats and decided that I wanted another TBSS so I can build her the way I want her without paying 1k a month for a car note. So she has long tube headers and full length exhaust with an Aftermarket intake.
I can’t decide if I want to procharge or twin turbo her. Feel free to drop some ideas, experiences etc.

I do love to go to the track here in central Florida but have not taken her on the sticky blacktop yet. Love to hear about TBSS car meets hang outs rides and more. Gotta get back into what I love! ❤ Pam
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As an aside
My first love was a 2008 RWD 2SS
There is 1ss and 3ss, no 2ss. 2006 was not a true ss trim but rather an ss package. 2007-09 was an actual trim called ss above the lt and other trims.
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