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new here

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Hello everyone I'm new here i was on the other TBSS site and wasn't really a fan. Norcal told me about this site and here i am. I have a 2006 black TBSS loaded has a Corsa exhaust on it. It'll probably stay that way for a long time cause I'm broke and going through a divorce really kills the cash flow. Anyways glad to be here, even better to have a much better outlet to exchange idea and info on too.
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Welcome! Sorry to hear about the divorce. At least you can use the insanity here as a distraction. :biggrin2:


You'll get alot of laughs with JJ and Sass when they get going. hehe
awww now we aint that bad?? lol
Speak for yourself shawty. :biggrin2:
Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I've been going thru the divorce since October of last year. Should be final next month. Then need to get the debt paid off and go from there. The TBSS is in the shop right now. I got rear ended a week ago thursday. Gotta love the tow hitch. It mess up the bumper and destroyed the Corsa exhaust. Shittiest part about it is that its louder now. I'll be fixed by the time i get back from Texas. I was hit by an 07 Cobalt, and needless to say it'll be recycled into a washer and dryer before to long.
Mines in the shop right now from being rear ended the other day by a damn Dodge Stratus. Lady on her phone not paying attention and in a hurry.

Sorry about your situations going on bro. Hope everything gets better for ya. Ok, enough of this hallmark moment. :biggrin2::burp:
I'm sorry i guess there is a 50 post rule?? Can't be sarcastic till you hit 50 Posts??
Well it was first 100, then we felt we couldnt be that mean. So Norcal changed it the other day to 50. heheh j/k
oh ok good hopefully i dont get banned :fist: lol cause i think it would be unethical to ban anyone from here cause then they'd have to go to the other site, and that'd be just plain mean.
Yeah, if someone gets banned from this site, you have to be a real :asshole:. lol
1 - 7 of 27 Posts
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