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New guy in Illinois

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Just bought my tbss first Chevrolet. Always been a ford guy hope it treats me well.
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Welcome to the nuthouse. When you start disliking your truck mod it and you'll fall in love again.
My SS is my 1st Chevy, too.....primarily a GMC guy (with the exception of my Hyundai). Glad I waited; I'm str8 crazy bout my Chevy...good luck & happy modding---like Mike mentioned a few posts ago, once you mod it--even a little--it'll feel like a new ride:cheers1:.....
welcome from gurnee...

where you located in illinois.

Welcome to the site, Naperville here.
Welcome to the site man and you will enjoy your TBSS. I have owned Chevy's, Fords, Mopars and some other stuff but I really love the TBSS. Start modding.
Welcome from Vegas!
My first SUV was a ford (FIX OR REAPAIR DAILY :rofl:) Thank god I bought this tbss!:yay2: Btw welcome from Carol Stream! :D
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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