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Need pin out for transmission plug

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I need a pin out for my 2006 awd transmission connector. All the ones I have found in previous threads is not correct for my vehicle. I’ll post the ones I found below. My tbss is stuck in limp mode has like 10 codes it’s a brand new performabuilt
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What is different? Can you post a pic of your connector?
The pinout above is the correct pinout. The pink coloring on the wire has probably faded and so it looks white. I have seen this happen many times. Pull the loom back a few inches and see if its pink. If that wire does not have 12v in Run and Start, go to the underhood fuse block and check fuse #53, TRANS, 15a.
What codes are you getting?
Can you give me a little bit of background on what led up to this happening?
Do you have access to HP Tuners or GM SPS? If so have you tried reflashing the TCM?
Does the gear indicator on the cluster work properly when you move the shifter through all of the positions?
1 - 6 of 19 Posts