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NarcoSS messed up LS3 Procharger Build

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watched this page for god knows how long and figured it’d be time to write one of these things up…

2020 bought this truck with a bad trans and a “built” 402 stroker. About a year later the transmission exited the chat, and shortly after so did the LS2 due to a bad lifter.

Went full ape 💩 and got a RPM Level X and a FULL pull out procharged LS3 full fuel system and all.

After about 2 years bc life happens (medical issues, drainage pipe burst @ the house, and a 2yr old boy that runs my life) my buddy decided to help me out and get this b**** back on the road. Currently got the old engine out and going to transplant the new LS3 😁

A little background: This is a street truck. I plan that 95% of the time it will be cruising or picking up the little one from school not to far. The idea has always been to overbuild to under power. Might mess around @ the track every now and then, but mainly built to mess around on the highway.

I am a marine tech and don’t mind wrenching. Already used to using four letter words and being crunched under fat pigs 🐖 either for the water or road lol.

I have my challenges and am ready to experiment (ie: battery & ecu relocate, running AN fuel lines figuring out how to make a Fore fuel pump from a Camaro SS possibly work with our truck , dropping new engine, and some figuring if I run air 2 air or air 2 water)

so here we go…

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Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior Engineering
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Any updates?? I'm following this build myself 👀 I'm actually in soflo my self I'm in the pines area! I'm down to help in anyway I can lmk!!
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