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NarcoSS messed up LS3 Procharger Build

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watched this page for god knows how long and figured it’d be time to write one of these things up…

2020 bought this truck with a bad trans and a “built” 402 stroker. About a year later the transmission exited the chat, and shortly after so did the LS2 due to a bad lifter.

Went full ape 💩 and got a RPM Level X and a FULL pull out procharged LS3 full fuel system and all.

After about 2 years bc life happens (medical issues, drainage pipe burst @ the house, and a 2yr old boy that runs my life) my buddy decided to help me out and get this b**** back on the road. Currently got the old engine out and going to transplant the new LS3 😁

A little background: This is a street truck. I plan that 95% of the time it will be cruising or picking up the little one from school not to far. The idea has always been to overbuild to under power. Might mess around @ the track every now and then, but mainly built to mess around on the highway.

I am a marine tech and don’t mind wrenching. Already used to using four letter words and being crunched under fat pigs 🐖 either for the water or road lol.

I have my challenges and am ready to experiment (ie: battery & ecu relocate, running AN fuel lines figuring out how to make a Fore fuel pump from a Camaro SS possibly work with our truck , dropping new engine, and some figuring if I run air 2 air or air 2 water)

so here we go…

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Been planning the fuel system, and I’m thinking of just selling the fore Camaro fuel pumps bc they aren’t low enough and using hydramats to keep fuel in there is about the about same $ as a premium fuel pump system.
I know a lot of guys are running Aeromotive or custom systems… which got me thinking..
wouldn’t a GM truck pump work on our trucks if Aeromotives is basically the same thing? I could wire up the existing fc2 system to this and solve my fuel pump length issue. Anyone have any experience or can chime in?
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These are common and sold by a number of big small and diy places. Huron speed offers a popular one specific for the tbss,(don’t buy their overprice harness) there is an individual that builds double and triple setups for GM platforms on Facebook, etc.

If it doesn’t have the nor use the factory bucket, I would think you have no choice but to use a hydromat or other fuel bladder system?
depending on which procharger you’re going with, I think you can get buy with a single 450 or 525. Unless you’re looking to go balls out 700+ hp?
Definitely trying to go balls out.. or at-least have the potential. I have a D1X and the supporting mods to be at 700hp easily. Was checking Hurons kit earlier, but really didn’t know what to think. Been leaning on getting one from a known brand for our trucks but besides Aeromotive (which is overpriced in my opinion) didn’t really know what else is legit.
Dude if you’re ever in SoFlo, I owe you a 🍺. Thanks for all the knowledge.

Next up is scheming up the battery relocate. Got some terminals that I plan to put where the battery used to be and then running that thru the truck into the cargo bay. Not really scared of the wiring, but I did notice a current sensor over the negative. Never saw what those guys did when they relocated that circuit so I’m thinking of just taking off the boot and just plugging onto the terminal.
Definitely liking the first option. Even though corrosion isn’t a huge issue here, my marine side will just want to avoid it all together. Will try to work and take more pics this weekend. Thanks for the help!
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