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My 22's

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1k their yours!
1200 shipped! lol.
Iam going back to Stock, but probably not till after Summer. I will be selling these and hopefully find some Stock 20's. I want to get them Blk chrome powdercoated.
Me thinks JJ was just taking a few "Mods" out for a little test drive :biggrin2:
Did u notice how many were interested??? lolol. In all honesty i will be getting rid of them in a few months, i will keep u guys posted first.

After that post i came home from work next day and had 38 IM'S. HEHE.
D? To Funny
hahaha lol to funny!
Soo are you still interested in a trade? I would be willing to trade my stockers and some money for your 22's!..let me kno... mine have no curb rash nor are they pitted or anything
Actually today i picked up my SS with my new 20's on and i will be selling my 22's really soon here. I need to do a few things b4 they go out on the market. I will keep you posted. I will be selling my tires and rims all in good condition.
1 - 8 of 20 Posts
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