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Matt From TuneTime Here ...

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The BS is going to stop here ???????????????????????

Thanks Norcal ...You're the man for this site ..It looks great

Now we can say what we want ..And not have to worry about being tossed . I can't wait to get started .
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Matt thanks for coming by.

yes say what you want btw still gonna get that hhr i went for a job interview on monday went good just watiing to hear back.
What, you went and got yourself out of the job you were doing before???

Congrats, i'm sre its better if you are moving out of it!

Arent you going to miss that Security Guard Chick we talked to that night we went to Chevy's??? She seemed pretty cool for a "G"ed up Benz drivin' chick from the bay
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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