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Magnaflow muffler with resonator delete plus more

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i have the 5x8x24 muffler with the resonator delete section plus the 3 inch inlet if you want to try a nice set up for cheap. 100 plus shipping and the stock tip is welded on the 3 inch pipe on the resonator delete section. You will need to only add some pipe and weld which is all there

In the pic you can see the resonator delete section you can cut the angle section off will replace your resonator section and has the tip welded on allready.

then you can cut your stock muffler off, weld this muffler inlet on then outlet side you will need to cut the 3 inch striaght pipe (with teh flange on it) and have it welded. A shop can do it for 50-75 bucks at most and will sound good

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ive got the magnaflow catback with res installed already. Does anyone have a sound clip of this catback without the res ?
good luck with sale

like this
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