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I think has the perfect harness for our trucks, and they're on sale now:

You will also need to to patch the tune (which PCMforless has) for them to work...

Trailblazer LS1 V8 Dual Fan conversion kit :
This kit includes the wiring harness and brackets you need to install LS1 V8 electric fans. Fits 5.3L and 6.0 Trailblazers/Envoy/GMT360 This conversion eliminates the power robbing stock electro-viscous fan and replaces it with two high flow computer controlled electric fans perfect. Each fan is independatly controlled by the PCM. This conversion has been credited with gains ranging from 12-18 RWHP and fuel economy improvements of around 1 MPG. You will need the PCM patch to operate the fans, please call/email to make arrangements! This kit does NOT include the electric fans themselves. You will need to purchase a set of fans for a 1998-2002 V8 & V6 Camaro/Firebird. You can get them from a dealership, junkyard, eBay, etc for $75-$200. Tip! Dorman sells an aftermarket version of the fans needed. Dorman PN 620634.

P-030010&P-030006 2006 V8 Trailblazer LS1 Fan Kit
P-030010&P-030007 2007+ V8 Trailblazer LS1 Fan Kit
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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