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Thinking of selling my 2006 AWD LT (3SS equivalent) Red Jewel Tint TBSS and having trouble determining a fair value in the Colorado area ...

I've seen a few around asking what seems to be silly money for pretty high miles (~100K) ... for 19K-21K ... and many of them have changed hands many times.

I have:
  • Original owner - 42000 miles
  • Red Jewel Tint
  • All wheel Drive
  • LT (leather and loaded with options... original sticker attached for reference)
  • Interior is 9 out of 10 and I'd say the same with the exterior
  • Only exterior thing is the wheels have some slight stone chips but clear coat has gone milky/blotchy like I've seen on a lot of these

  • Magnaflow muffler in stock location (nice mellow deep tone)
  • Mild tune and firmed up shift points a little
  • Dry flow air filter and mods to stock intake tube (to remove resonator)
  • Replacement AGM battery (stock one had a bad cell after 4 years of mostly sitting in my heated shop)
  • Ceramic brake pads
  • Firestone Destination ST tires @ 34K miles

What do you guys think? $20K ish?


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