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L92 heads & Manley valves/springs

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I am getting a 3 or 5 angle valve job on them for a better seal then I will assemble them. I am still working on the best cam grind for the heads along with having a 4400 lb. suv. I will get comp to do a custom grind. I still need to get the L92 truck intake to go with them. Hope all is finished by cool weather time. Next Wed. Greg at Phoenix will be doing a stall & tranny mods. Then I can plan my head/cam install. thanks
I haven't noticed anyone posting part numbers for Manley stuff to use to complete bare heads (L92)? So here is a list of part numbers to have Manley springs Conical lift up to .600

1. Valves: Int. (11620-8) Exh. (11621-8) Manley
2. Titanium Retainers: (23622-16) Manley
3. Lock's: (13098-16) Manley
4. Spring Cups: (42338-16) Manley
5. Seals: use factory L92's (intake 12482063) $13.07 set (Exh. 12482062) $15.24 set (GM)
6. Rocker Pedistals: Factory (12600936) $4.64 ea. (GM)
7. Intake Rockers: Factory (offset) (12569167) $7.13 ea. (GM)
8. Exhaust Rockers: Factory (10214664) $7.21 (GM) not needed use LS2 rockers
9. L92 Truck Intake: (12580678) $158.55 (GM)
10. Bare L92 Heads: (12582714) $176.19 ea. (GM)
11. Springs: Beehive (221428-16) Manley
12. HP Hydraulic Rollers (88958689) ($217.85) ($219.86) (GM) good to 8,000 rpm's
13. L76 intake complete (12590123) ($540.90) (GM)
14. Trans filter (GM) 24208576 ($23.46)
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1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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